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Workshops & Readings for Grades 6 - 12
Presented by Matthew Henry Hall


"Creative Writing" Workshop

• How a Story Goes From an Idea to a Book to a Bookstore or Library
• Review & Discuss the Finer Points of Writing a Story
• Create-A-Character Exercise (Collectively, Students Create a Unique Character)
• Students Begin a First Draft of Their Character’s Adventures

“Writing With Pictures" Workshop

• The Graphic Novel Workshop focuses on the craft and art of creating stories with words and pictures. Through demonstrations and hands-on practice, students will start their own graphic novels and stories by learning how to write a graphic novel script, design characters, utilize panel-to-panel transition techniques and thumbnail sketches as well as explore various tools for creating their work--from traditional pen and ink to the latest digital technologies.


• Various Fictional Works-In-Progress for Middle Grades and Young Adult readers

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