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Presentations, Readings, & Workshops for Adults
by Matthew Henry Hall

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Before becoming a full-time freelancer, Matt taught English at various colleges for 10+ years. Since then he's conducted workshops and given presentations on children's books, cartooning, and the in's and out''s of higher education (from a teacher/cartoonist's perspective).

Clients and Programs:

Client: Chesapeake Bay Writers Conference at St. Mary's College:
•Lecture: "Picture Writing: A Brief & Very Incomplete History." From Cave Paintings to Graphic Novels, we’ll take a look at the various ways people depict the world pictorially to interact with and recreate the world, and, more often than not, tell stories. Work by artists ranging from hunter-gatherers to scribes from ancient Egypt to contemporary creators such as Maurice Sendak, Art Spiegelman, and Kate Beaton will be discussed.

•Craft Talk:"“What Writers Can Learn from Drawers: Using Graphic Novel Character Design in Traditional Short Stories & Novels." For comics and graphic novels, creators consider in sketches (and words too) what potential characters in their stories will be like (i.e., front and side views, height, posture, clothing, jewelry etc.). Are there things we can learn by taking the graphic novelist’s approach to character design and apply it to stories that are told only in words? (Drawing skills not required.)

•Workshop: “Writing With Pictures." The Graphic Novel Workshop will focuses on the craft and art of creating stories with words and pictures. Through demonstrations and hands-on practice, students will start their own graphic novels and stories by learning how to write a graphic novel script, design characters, utilize panel-to-panel transition techniques and thumbnail sketches as well as explore various tools for creating their work--from traditional pen and ink to the latest digital technologies.

Client: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
•Keynote Address: "I Will Now Set Myself On Fire" (the world of academe through cartoons)

Client: Northern Arizona Book Festival
•Presentation: "What They Didn't Teach You In Graduate School" (cartoons from the book by the same title)

Client: Coconino Community College
• Workshop: Writing and Illustrating Books for Children & Teens

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